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Mechanical Carbon >>  Carbon Vanes
Carbon vanes are an important elements in dry running rotary compressors and Vacuum Pumps as well as in running vane-type pumps where the liquids being pumped have poor lubricating properties. Owing to the low specific density of v\carbon the centrifugal pressure exerted by the vanes can be kept to a low level thus influencing vane life favorably. Dry running rotary compressors and vacuum pumps are used in the following application:
  • Printing machinery
  • Packing machinery
  • Pumps delivering fresh air
  • Pumps from medical purposes
  • Mobile compressors fitted to tankers (on these, high temperatures and high mechanical loads make particularly stringent demands on vanes)
  • Automobile door central locking pumps etc.
Applications for wet running vane type pumps:
  • Kerbside pumps
  • Drink vending machines

Vanes reach their optimal sealing effect at the radial rubbing edges during the running in period by bedding in to the counterface. This is the reasons for the initial, temporary high rate of wear.

Minly grey cast iron, cast aluminium (AL2 O3 coated), carbon or graphite.
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